I am Talia Ryan, an artist and educator from Buffalo, NY, where I teach High School art at Buffalo Academy of Science. 

My own artwork, and my love for the history of art and aesthetic theory, fuel my passion for arts education.   

My personal work focuses on spirituality, nostalgia, and an exploration of self-image.

My arts research includes an honors thesis on aesthetic theory, through an exploration of form vs. symbol in the visual arts, and their respective successes and implications through philosophy, history, and education,  my Master's Thesis, in which I explored public art as a means of teaching visual culture in the art classroom, and an internship at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery where I worked with the accessibility coordinator, creating tactile models for multisensory tours. 

"Finally, the arts are means of exploring our own emotional landscape.  When the arts genuinely move us, we discover what it is that we are capable of experiencing"

- Elliot Eisner