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Teaching Diverse Learners

Special education training is included in the requirements for Art Teacher certification in New York State.  The Nazareth College Art Education department gives pre-service educators the opportunity to work in small groups with a student of special needs to create a meaningful and engaging art project.  I had the pleasure of working with a student who has Down Syndrome and is on the Autism Spectrum.  Over the course of the semester, my co=teachers and I developed effective methods of communication with our non-verbal student, and helped him to create a series of baseball inspired collages, using his favorite team, the Yankees, as inspiration. 

In addition to this special project, I tailor all lessons to the needs of the students in my classroom, and have had wonderful experience working with my students to meet their needs to find success in the art room.

Diverse Learners Project, Nazareth College 2017:

Diverse Learning Project 1.png
Diverse Learning Project 4.png
Diverse Learning Project 5.png
Diverse Learning Project 3.png
Diverse Learning Project 2.png
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