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Technology Integration

Media arts play a huge role in the contemporary art world, and teach valuable skills for artists of all mediums.  I feel a duty to my students to integrate technology as not only an art medium, but a tool for traditional arts practices.  Below are two examples of a single media arts incorporating unit applied for pre-school students and high school students, adapted for each age group.

Preschool Light Painting Unit:

Materials: glow sticks, iPads, slow shutter camera app

Exemplars: Pablo Picasso, Contemporary Disney Channel stars magic wand

DSC_0699 (2).jpg

High School Light Painting Unit:

Materials: various flashlights, light filters, DSLR cameras, tripods, Photoshop

Exemplars: Pablo Picasso, various contemporary light painting artists

Evan's edited light painting.jpg
Evan's light painting.jpg
Sarahs Light Painting.jpg
Jamisons light painting.JPG
Light Painting irish dance.jpg

*This student created the image above by taping flashlights to her shoes, and taking a long exposure picture of her performing Irish Dancing steps.  She put several of these images together using photoshop.  During the critique, she stated that she liked the idea of making a still life out of movement.

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